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Morning meditation - God has no favorites

There is something about injustice that elicits a visceral response. We want to rectify things. We want things to be fair.

God loves all Her children. She does not have favorites. Certain religions proclaim that its adherents are special in God's eyes, and because of this they will have certain favors, special treatment, inherent advantages over others. This idea of "specialness" is, of course, the ego talking, or the devil if you prefer.

It is this idea of "specialness" which is the basis of evil because it gives special people a grandiose sense of entitlement and it allows "the other" to be demonized and perceived as less than worthy of equality, respect, and fair treatment.

God has no favorites. God loves all of God's creations. When anyone tells you othewise, it is a lie and you should beware of the teller's motivations and intentions.

In the spiritual life, we realize that we are ordinary and not special. We realize that all of God's creation is deserving of our respect. We strive to treat all things fairly and justly. This is the foundation of peace.


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