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Morning meditation - Feeding the ego destroys the spirit

We live in a world where, because of the 24 hrs. per day news, celebrity has become the new entertainment. Our young people all want to be seen. They want to be celebrities, to have their moments of fame and adulation, to be in the spot light. This desire for celebrity is an indication of our spiritual poverty. People don't believe they are real unless they are seen and receive attention.

In the spiritual life, a person seeks invisibility. Invisibility provides protection and freedom. If we are not seen we are not interferred with. We do not become the object of scorn, jealousy, and competition nor the object of false hopes, dreams, and aspirations of others. There may come times when a spiritual person comes into the light and is seen by others but it is not done for self-aggrandisement but rather for the welfare and benefit of others. If attacked, the spiritual person enacts his/her warrior role and defends his/her position with their utmost and having triumphed slips back into invisibility again.

On the earth plane there is the seen and unseen. More things get done that are unseen. Freedom and space to live the spiritual life is more available if one stays invisible. Celebrity status feeds the ego but destroys the spirit.


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