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Morning meditation - Humility, compassion, honesty

What is this business of scrorning others about? Is it to make one feel superior? Is it to make one feel less inferior? Is it to dominate and manipulate? Scorning others fills one with righteousness and many religions are based on this scorn. We are better than you. If you believe what we  believe you will go to heaven with us, if you don't believe what we believe you will go to hell.

In the spiritual life we avoid scorning others. We realize that with people who may be inferior to us we may have once been in their position and perhaps could be in their position again. We realize with people who engage in immoral and unethical conduct that they are mistaken and need to learn from their mistakes because we have made plenty of mistakes ourselves. We understand that you don't have to believe alike to love alike. The measure of a person is not what he/she believes, but kindness. Scorn has no place in a spiritual life except, perhaps, for one's own mistakes. The characteristics of a person living a spiritual life are humility, compassion, and honesty. 


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