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U.S. lags behind 41 nations in life span

The Associated Press reported on August 11, 2007 that The United States lags behind 41 other countries in the world on life expectancy. Why is the richest most powerful country in the world so poor in its health? There are a number of reasons of which three of the biggest are: lack of health insurance which limits health care to over 45 million of its citizens, the fact that a third of its citizens are obese, and the high infant mortality rates caused by conditions of poverty among African Americans and other poor.

It seems ironic to me that while it appears that Americans will spend One Trillion dollars on its war in Iraq, the ignorance of its social problems at home is allowing its citizens to die at younger ages than 41 other countries around the world.

Link: U.S. lags behind 41 nations in life span - Yahoo! News.


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