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Another possibly innocent man scheduled for execution in Alabama, September 27, 2007. What's wrong with Gov. Bob Riley?

Could another innocent man be executed in Alabama tomorrow? Here is a blurb from the Innocence Project's web site.

Unless Alabama Gov. Bob Riley or courts intervene, Thomas Arthur will be executed tomorrow despite his claims of innocence and the possibility of DNA testing in his case. Less than two months ago, Darrell Grayson was executed after Riley refused to step in and allow DNA testing that could have proven Grayson’s guilt or innocence. The Innocence Project advocated for DNA testing in the courts and through the political system in both cases. But over the last few days, Riley has refused to even learn more about how DNA testing could prove Arthur’s innocence.

“As we told the governor’s senior advisers, 42 states in the country now allow post-conviction DNA testing. In 42 states, Darrell Grayson or Thomas Arthur would have been able to get DNA testing that could resolve their cases and maintain public confidence in the criminal justice system. Governor Riley, who has refused DNA testing before executions twice in the last two months, has made it clear that he isn’t concerned with getting to the truth in these cases,” said Innocence Project Co-Director Peter Neufeld.

It would seem that when there are tools to use to obtain further evidence, they should be used before the ultimate penalty, taking away a person's life, is used. It makes you wonder about a Governor who wouldn't want the evidence before allowing such a drastic action to be taken.

Link: The Innocence Project - News and Information: Press Releases.


jane doe

does our very society have to be this cruel? whatever happened to 'beyond any reasonable doubt'.we should be more compassionate!people can recover and reform
jane doe

Addiction Recovery Alabama


I go with Jane Doe.
People have the right to change and must have a second chance.
Alabama Treatment Centers

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