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Homeschoolers score higher on ACT and SAT college entrance exams than public school students

In 1985 when my wife and I were only one of three families in our school district to homeschool our children, I was asked to sign a statement prepared by the school district which stated that I knowingly was giving up my children's opportunity to receive a free public school education which most educational authorities believe is superior to homeschooling. I refused to sign the statement and asked the Director of Pupil Personnnel Services to produce any evidence to back up the statement that public schooling was superior to homeschooling. They had no evidence or data. It was purely an ideological statement.

In the last 22 years homeschooling has grown enormously in the United States to the point were it is estimated that between 1 and 2 million children in the United States are homeschooled. There is some good information on the Home School Legal Defense Association web site citing some interesting facts which point to the success and effectiveness of homeschooling. One such indicator is how homeschoolers compare on ACT and SAT college entrance exam scores. Interestingly, homeschoolers as a group do better than public school educated kids. Here is what the HSLDA web site has to say about ACT and SAT scores:

Homeschoolers Score Higher on ACT and SAT College Entrance Exams Homeschoolers continue to exhibit academic excellence on national averages for college admissions tests when compared to public school students. The ACT college admission exam scores show homeschoolers consistently performing above the national average. In both 2002 and 2003, the national homeschool average was 22.5, while the national average was 20.8. The College Board, which administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) also notes the above-average performance of homeschoolers. In 2002, homeschoolers averaged 1092, 72 points higher than the national average of 1020. In 2001, homeschoolers scored 1100 on the SAT, compared to the national average of 1019. (2003 homeschool statistics not yet available.)

Link: HSLDA | Homeschooling Maintains Academic Success.


Aurora Orsini

Some students and parents could be missing the point here. Going to the school isn't just about learning about math, science and the other academic subjects. It is also about friendship, socializing, and facing the world with confidence. While home schooling has its advantages, I believe nothing beats the fun and excitement of going to a real school.

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