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Morning meditation - Upon God we depend

By the meaning I make of the events in my life I create my own reality. Is the glass half full or half empty? Are the events that occur in my life a blessing or a curse, good or bad, right or wrong? As the Buddhists say "It is what it is," which is a way to acceptance when we want to object, to resist, to undo, and it may be more accurate to say, "it is what I make it out to be."

Indeed, we humans are trapped inside our own thought systems. It is inside this thought system that our sense of reality is formed. Looked at this way, our realities are not real, but products of our own making. Perhaps there is a whole reality beyond our individually, human made reality. Every now and then we get a glimpse of it and we realize that perhaps our interpretations, our meaning making is not right, is off, is the hell which we have created for ourselves.

The mystics tell us to "wake up!" The mystics tell us we are sleep walking in our own trance. The epitome of the spiritual life is enlightenment, realization, awareness. This epiphany comes from surrendering to God, to Tao, to our higher power realizing that we did not create ourselves but that we come from God and upon God we depend.


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