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Morning meditation - Looking for the divine spark

In a certain sense we see what we want to see. Is the glass half full or half empty? Is an event good or bad, a blessing or a curse? We make meaning and interpret our perceptions based on our conditioning and our choices.

In thinking about what we want to see, we need to consider what we personally want, what others around us want, and what God wants. It seems to me that the surest way to live our lives is to be in touch with what we believe God wants.

What does God want? There are plenty of religious leaders who are happy to answer that question and they point to books which they say is the "revealed" word of God, but how can so many conflicting teachings and interpretations of what God wants be true?

What God wants for you is something which must be discerned by each person as best he/she can. God speaks to us through others and through our experiences in life, but most of all God speaks to us in our own hearts and minds if we can clear away the clutter and listen.

Listening is the hardest thing in the world and as hard as we try we often hear nothing, but we must realize that God is in everything when God is in our hearts and minds. As Peace Pilgrim said, "I look for the divine spark in everyone and then I focus on that." Are you, am I, looking always for the divine spark?


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