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Elizabeth Eckford, a civil rights pioneer

Morning meditation - Joy To The World!

We are born, we live, we die. This is the cycle of life. Young people think they will live forever. Middle age people, in our culture, strive to stay young fearing old age, and old people soften into the awareness that the life cycle is a natural process and that there is nothing to fear.

In the spiritual life, we seek awareness, and awareness leads to understanding, and understanding leads to wisdom, and wisdom leads to peace, and peace leads to harmony, and harmony leads to God, Tao, oneness with cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness can occur at any age. At younger ages it occurs, if at all, episodically, and seemingly comes from the outside in. At older ages, if one is aware and welcomes it, cosmic consciousness is achieved more regularly and grows from within. Ideally, it would become a regular state of mind wherein one is tuned into the universe and is a constant source of love and grace. Impossible? We like to believe that Jesus made it, and Buddha, and other enlightened Masters. An enlightened master seems rare in our society, but they are among us and they come in many personalities most of which we readily overlook. One of my favorites is Jeremiah the bullfrog whom Creedence Clearwater Revival made famous when they sang:

Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was good friend of mine.
I never understood a single word he said but I helped him drink
his wine. He always had some mighty fine wine. Sing it - Joy to the
world...all the boys and girls now , joy to the fishies in the deep blue
sea and joy to you and me.

And if I were the king of the world , I tell you what I would do. I'd throw
away the cars and the bars in the world and I'd make sweet love to you.
Sing it now : Joy the the world , all the boys and girls , joy to the fishies
in the deep blue sea , joy to you and me.

Yah know I love the ladies , love to have my fun ... I'm a hard knock
flyer and a rain bow rider ... a straight shootin' son of a gun , I said a
straight shootin' sun of a gun.

Joy to the world , all the boys and girls , joy to all the fishies in the
deep blue sea , joy to you and me.


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