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New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse initiates landmark policy banning tobacco products in its licensed facilities making it first in the nation

The New York State Office Of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (OASAS), has announced in a press release issued on July 24, 2007, that all New York State licensed alcohol and drug treatment programs will be expected to be tobacco free by July 24, 2008. This means that no tobacco products or paraphernalia such as lighters, rolling papers, etc. will be allowed on agency properties or vehicles. Tobacco products will be considered and treated as contraband just as alcohol and street drugs are in OASAS treatment and prevention facilities. This is the first such policy in the United States and is labled as a "landmark initiative".

For the first time in professional substance abuse history a major regulatory and funding body has taken a sane and rational approach. Nicotine is the most addicting and deadly drug in America. 30,000 Americans die every year from street drugs, 100,000 from alcohol, and 430,000 from tobacco. What is America's drug problem.

Dr. Bob, and Bill W. the founders of Alcoholic Anonymous both died from tobacco.

Here is a brief snippet from the OASAS press release:

OASAS, which certifies and funds more than 1,400 prevention and treatment programs, today issued a proposed regulation that would take effect July 24, 2008, following final approval. It would require that all providers prohibit tobacco within facilities, on all grounds under their control and in program vehicles.

To read the whole press release, click on the link below.

Link: OASAS launches Tobacco Freedom Initiative.


Megan Bedford

I think that it is wonderful that there are going to be more prevention and treatment programs. I work at a drug rehab in Oklahoma and we educate over 60,000 kids every year on drugs and alcohol and there harmful affects. Together we are going to make a huge difference in today's society. To learn more of what we do you can check out our site.

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