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It is interesting that even thought President Bush tells the American people that God speaks to him and tells him what to do not all religious people share the same values or views as President Bush's God. It makes you wonder what God people are listening to or what God talks to whom. Rev. William G. Sinkford, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association thinks that the war in Iraq should end as do the majority of the people in the United States. Here is the statement on the UUA website:

On September 6, I faxed a message to every member of Congress telling them, "Not another dollar. Not another life." To make sure they heard me, I am headed to Capitol Hill with my colleague Rev. John H. Thomas, the United Church of Christ's General Minister and President. On October 10 we will be walking into your representatives' offices to tell them to end the war and I want to bring you with me!

I invite you to sign the petition below calling for an end to our reliance on violence as the first, rather than the last, resort and an end to the arrogant unilateralism of preemptive war. Join me in speaking truth to those who have run from it. Please sign this petition and add your voice to 25,000 other Unitarian Universalists who say that security is found in building beloved community, not by dominating others.

I signed the petition and ask that you do the same.

Link: UUA: 25,000 for Peace—Join Rev. Sinkford's Call to End the War.


Robin Edgar aka The Emerson Avenger

My own somewhat reworked version of UUA President Bill Sinkford's 'Petition for Peace', which exposes the hypocritical double-standards that he and other U*Us are guilty of, is copied below. I hope that you will seriously consider "signing" it by posting it as a comment here -

As a single excommunicated Unitarian*Universalist, I call for an end to the war in Montreal, an end to U*U reliance on verbal violence and egregious institutional stonewalling and denial as the first, rather than the last resort, an end to the arrogance of Unitarian*Universalist presumptuous war words.

I call for U*U humility and courage to acknowledge failure and error, to accept the futility of your current path, and I cry out for the creativity to seek new paths of peacemaking in the U*U World, through regional engagement and true multinational UUA policing of abusive clergy misconduct.

I call for acknowledgment of your responsibility for the destruction caused by the UUA sanctioning of the war words of intolerant and abusive U*U clergy and a beginning to rebuild trust in Montreal and around the U*U World.

I call for truth-telling in the U*U World and for the recognition in U*U "Welcoming Congregations" that security is found in building beloved community, not by dominating others.

I will join protest to prayer, support ministries of compassion for victims of clergy misconduct here in Montreal and throughout the U*U World and cast off the fear (to say nothing of paranoia. . .) that has made many U*Us accept the way of violence and return again to the way of love. Thus may U*U bullshit end and liars be transformed to the harmonies of justice and the melodies of peace. For this I yearn, for this I petition, and toward this end I rededicate myself as a member of our human family.

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