Psychiatric Hospital childhood friends meet again after 40 years
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The sweetest words - "It's been really nice knowing you."

Hager_200 Another great StoryCorps story is the story which Kristi Hager told StoryCorps volunteer, Cherie Newman, about her mother, Norine. Kristi describes herself, when 9, laughing with her mother in deep and resonating ways, and when she describes her last meeting with her mom, when her mom said, "Kristi, it's been really nice knowing you," Kristi says, choking up as she weeps, "It was the sweetest thing I ever heard." I was listening in the car and it brought tears to my eyes.

This is one of the most moving mother-daughter stories I have ever heard. I highly recommend it. It takes about 4 minutes. Click on the link below to go to the NPR StoryCorps web site where you can listen.

Link: NPR : A Fit of Laughter That Lasts Today.


supra tk society

I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!

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