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Morning meditation - Let your little light shine

When we look out on the world what is it that we see? Do we see goodness, beauty, truth, justice, love, and joy or do we see evil, ugliness, deceit, unfairness, hate, and misery? And as we look upon the world and what we see do we bless it or curse it? Do we wish it well with an intent to uplift or do we look upon it with disgust, disdain, and contempt and wish to erradicate it and eliminate it?

In the spiritual life we struggle to interact with the world with benevolence and to provide blessings to all that we see and come into contact with. This takes great power and courage when we see pain, hurt, and dysfunction. To be a spiritual warrior is to be a miracle worker and to be a miracle worker we realize we do not act alone but are the conduits of God's love for the world. It says in the bible that God so loved the world that He gave it His only begotten son. That's you and me and of course, our brother, Jesus, who is one of the prophets who showed us the way. Jesus said that the way to the Kingdom is "to love as I have loved". Open your loving heart and as the gospel hymn says, "Let your little light shine."


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