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Morning meditation -On earth as it is in heaven

Life is layered. We live through one level of experience and move into the next. As some mother's say, "There's always something." Indeed there is. It is the curriculum of life. We are born, we struggle, we love, we die. There are lessons to be learned. It says in A Course In Miracles that the curriculum for human beings is the same. When we choose to take it may differ. Are you studying the curriculum or ignoring it?

Yesterday, I was talking with an aquaintance and when he shared with me the story of his life, it became clear to me that he is studying life. His comments were sincere, and had the ring of authenticity, and while at age 74 he seems to have some grief over significant losses he also has joy at loving experiences experienced. As he shared, I felt blessed by his holiness, and the thought crossed my mind that he is an angel who has come to assist me in my struggles and studies of life. Sometimes human beings connect at a spiritual level and his mind, it seemed to me, is at a very high level.

Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living and it saddens me that because of their fears many people do not live examined lives. But then again, there are many people who do and they are such a blessing. We can be blessed by one another as the sons and daughters of God, and when the blessings occur in greater and greater numbers the kingdom will have come on earth as it is in heaven.


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