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Morning meditation - Extending God in blessings to others

If it is true that we are part of the mind of God, then it is also true that God goes with us wherever we go. If other people are also a part of the mind of God, then it is also true that God goes with them wherever they go. Happiness in life is extending the part of our mind that is of God to the part of their minds which is of God. The hitch, of course, is that egos get in the way.

Egos operate on the scarcity priniciple and because the ego believes that the ingredients in life are scare it engenders fear. These fears lead to defensiveness and defensiveness leads to attacks. Attacks engender more fear and this leads to anger and to counter-attacks which seem justified by an ego which believes in separation, exclusion, and death.

People cannot give what they don't have. If they don't believe that they are a part of God's mind, and that God goes wherever they go and will be with them forever, they find it hard to extend themselves to others and instead project negativity on them.

As St. Paul said, "If God is with you, who can be against you.?"

Jesus said often, "If you only knew how much your father in heaven loves you."

And so how will you operate: out of your ego, or out of the part of you that is of God? And if you choose to operate out of that part of you which is of God, you cannot but bless everyone and everything you see.


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