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Male gays outnumber female gays 2:1

Morning meditation - A small taste of God

You are very holy in the mind of God. You are not the person you think you are. The ego plays plenty of tricks on us leading us to believe that we are this and we are that, both positive things and negative things, but our minds, deep down, are part of God and we are very holy.

The above paragraph is very hard for people to accept. They do not see themselves as holy at all until they are moved with kindness, with love, to reach out to others and touch their spirit and then the spirit moves and amazing things happen.

In the spiritual life, we are aware that there is something within us that is precious and when we get in touch with that preciousness it takes us far beyond our egotistical existence. We strive to connect with our brothers and sisters with love, compassion, understanding, kindness, nurturance, tenderness and it is in these connections that we experience a small taste of God.


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