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Old Joy, the film

Oldjoylrg Old Joy is an independent film distributed in 2006 which depicts an attempt to rejuvenate an old friendship by two guys who have moved on to different lives. Mark is married and his wife is pregnant when Kurt calls him and asks if he would like to go on a weekend camping trip to visit a secluded hot springs in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. Mark agrees and makes the attempt to re-connect with Kurt but it doesn't quite fly.

This movie is photographed in beautiful country and is full of slow paced melancholy and thoughtfulness about how life is a journey and moves on leaving a sense of sadness and grief at what we once had and now miss. Kurt at one point says, "Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy."

If you are in the mood for a slow, thoughtful movie about outgrown friendships, I recommend this movie to you.

Link: Spirituality & Practice: Film Review: Old Joy, directed by Kelly Reichardt.


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