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Single Mothers by Choice

Single_moms_by_choice Mark Penn in his book, Microtrends, discusses some of the consequences of the fact that single sex ratios have increased in disparity in the United States with there being far more females than males. One of the consequences is that more women are choosing to be single moms.

Penn points out that when Murphy Brown, the TV character, decided to become a single mom on TV back in the early 90s, the then Vice President, Dan Quayle, decided to express his critical ideas about this phenomenon. Back then there were about 50,000 Single Moms by Choice in the United States. It is now estimated that there are 150,000.

For more information about Single Moms By Choice click on the link below

Link: Single Mothers by Choice.



I don't recall where I read this but I believe the figure I've seen for single mothers by choice is currently something like 1 million in the U.S. They are a lot more common than you think. So I am curious where this 150,000 comes from?

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