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Wage disparity in America

Are corporations ruling the world? Is the bottom line ruining our world?

Is corporate power ruining your community, your state, your nation, and our world? What can be done about it? There is an excellent article in the YES magazine, Fall, 2007, entitled "Who Will Rule: Citizen movements are proving that we can take on corporate power, and together build a future that works for all life." Here is part of what the article says:

With all this happening, why do we not read more about the pervasiveness of corporate power? In large part because even the “Fourth Estate,” our media establishment, is majority owned by a handful of mega-corporations. Big corporations have become de facto governments, and the ethic that dominates corporations has come to dominate society. Maximizing profits, holding down wages, and externalizing costs onto the environment become the central dynamics for the entire economy and virtually the entire society. What gets lost is the public good, the sense that life is about more than consumption, and the understanding that markets cannot manage all aspects of the social order. What gets lost as well is the original purpose of corporations, which was to serve the public good.

You can read the whole article, which is well worth the time and effort, by clicking on the link below. How come our schools are not teaching this stuff in "civics" class? Isn't it time that our children and grandchildren know the truth?

Link: Strategic Corporate Initiative by Michael Marx and Marjorie Kelly.


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