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Even though right wingers have tuned "liberal" into a dirty word, Americans are more liberal than the media would have you believe

There is a small article in the Fall, 2007, issue of YES magazine which cites a study done by Campaign For America's Future and Media Matters which finds that the majority of Americans are liberal. You would never know this from the biased reporting we get from the corporate TV stations and newspapers. For example, in 2006, 69% of Americans said that the federal goverment should provide health care for its citizens, up from 59% in 2000. When asked in February, 2007, if they would pay an extra $500.00 a year so that all Americans could have health care, 82% said yes. When asked if homosexuals should have equal rights in the workplace, 89% said yes up from 55% in 1977.

You would never know this from listening to TV news or reading newspapers. Here's a brief snippit from the YES magazine article and if you go to the link below you can find the PDF link for the whole report.

The media often tell us that Americans are fundamentally conservative. Democratic victories are dismissed as flukes, and we are told that this nation supports a strong military, a government that does not interfere with health care, and free trade. Yet this report, the product of carefully compiled statistics from the past several decades, proves this story incorrect. The data show that Americans are becoming increasingly progressive on issues across the board. The report includes topics such as: - the role of the government - the economy - social issues - security - the environment - energy - health care.

Link: The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America Is a Myth..


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