Wage disparity in America
Quote of the day

Quote of the day

"I've seen a kid who never had an attention paid to him, and it was like nobody had ever reached out and grabbed on. The kid was just flopping. It took a long time and quite a bit of work to be able to just get the kid's attention enough to say hello - to say, 'Are you there? Are you inside there? What's happening?'

I know grownups like that, too. Nobody ever managed to get their attention, and so their atttention belongs to whatever billboard is beside the freeway, especially if it's painted in day-glo. Their minds belong to whatever professional mind-copper can cop them. If you don't know where your attention is, then you're open to having your head copped by anybody who can cop a head. I mean specifically the advertising industry, politicians, gurus, college 'experts, et cetera."

Stephen Gaskin, An Outlaw In My Heart, p. 91


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