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Congresswoman Barbara Lee the one lone voice of sanity in the whole United States Congress

How quick we forget the heroic among us. Does anyone remember that there was one lone vote against the Iraq war? The courageous congresswoman who made that vote was Barbara Lee, a Democratic congresswoman from Oakland California. I remember her being ridiculed on Fox News and the hate radio shows, but it turns out almost five years later that she is the only one of all our congresspeople who called it right. She should be given a national award of the highest order.

There is a brief interview with Barbara Lee in the Winter, 2008 issue of YES magazine. Here is what Congresswoman Lee said in part of that interview:

When I cast the lone vote after September 11 against giving George Bush an unlimited war-making authority—an authority, I might add, that his administration has invoked in invading Iraq, setting up military commissions, even warrantless wiretapping—I was alone. Today, there are millions of Americans who are calling for an end not just to the occupation of Iraq, but to the entire Bush foreign policy of unilateralism and pre-emption. Our goal is to help translate that support into more progressive votes in Congress.

It is hard to believe that out of all our congressional representatives there is only one with the integrity and wisdom to make a good judgment.

Link: Vote Hope 2008 :: Barbara Lee interview :: Challenge Status Quo.


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