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King Coal's mountain top removal destroys our beautiful country and ruins the atmosphere around the world hastening global warming

The Bush administration and probably the democrats too, because of the support they get from King Coal, are into mountain top removal in the beautiful Appalachian mountains.

As of May, 2007, U.S. energy companies were seeking permits for about 130 new coal powered plants. Not only is this terribly destructive to the topography of our mountains, but dumping all this carbon into the atmosphere does nothing to help with global warming.

This also is one of the those stories which the corporate media is not reporting and yet it has a tremendous impact on our country. It also should be a campaign issue in 08. Where do the candidates stand on mountain top removal? The heck with gay marriage. Let's get real.

To learn more about mountain top removal, click on the link below.

Link: Home (Breaking News) | Stop Mountaintop Removal.



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