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Offside Offside is an Iranian film distributed in 2006 about some young women who attempt to enter the soccer stadium in Tehran to watch the soccer playoffs between Iran and Bahrain for entrance into the 2006 World Cup.

The creative tension in this film is created by the fact that females are not allowed into sport stadiums with males. A group of six young females, dressed as males, attempt to get around police, security guards, and soldiers to enter the stadium. They are caught and detained in a makeshift jail outside the stadium and the soliders describe the game to them in progress.

This film is a black comedy but also depicts the sex discrimination in Iran. I recommend this film.

After watching this film, it is all the more apparent how misguided the Bush Administration is in demonizing the Iranian people. All Americans should watch this film and it would be less likely that we would want Bush to bomb them.

Link: Offside (2006/I).


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