Cougar phenomenon on the rise when older women get involved with younger men
20% of Americans without adequate health care coverage according to the CDC

Quote of the day

"The fundamental problem that contributes to the rise of a radical Christian mass movement is personal and economic despair that has gripped tens of millions of Americans through the outsourcing of jobs and the slashing of federal and state assistance programs. This process has left parts of the United States looking like the Third World, including former mill towns where my family comes from in Maine.

Until that issue is addressed, until the American working class and now increasingly the American middle class are given hope, some kind of stability, and some kind of belief in the future, the movement is going to grow.

When the reality-based world no longer works, people look for magic, miracles, and a mythic world - one where they have a specially anointed destiny. That's precisely what has happened to the American working class."

Chris Hedges, Interview in YES magazine, Winter 2008, p. 54