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Save the internet

While the corporations pay the politicians and the media to distract Americans from the real issues with bogus issues like gay marriage, prayer in public schools, womens freedom to choose, they slowly corrupt our democracy by putting profit over the common welfare.

As we move into high gear for the 2008 Presidential campaign I will be writing some articles on what I consider the real issues that we, as a nation, should be discussing if we are to insure a safe, prosperous, and healthy future for our children and our grandchildren. I have added a new category to my blog called Campaign issues 2008. We would do well to educate ourselves about these issues and hold our elected representative accountable for addressing them in meaningful, relevant, honest, and effective ways. The first issue is net neutrality.

Many of the media and telacom corporations would love to take over the internet and charge people for access to higher speed sites. The internet should stay "neutral", that is, not be owned by any corporation for profit so that it can charge money for premium access. The internet should be considered part of the "commons", that is,  common space for the public welfare not privatized space for the profit of the few. For more information click on the link below to the Savetheinternet web site.

Link: Save the Internet : The Threat is Real.


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