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Juno, the film

Juno There are not a lot of good movies currently to be seen in commercial movie theaters and then along come two back to back Charlie Wilson's War and Juno.

Juno was released on 12/25/07 and is well worth seeing. It is about Juno MacGruff a 16 year old quirky high school girl who gets pregnant with her meek and mild mannered boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker.

This is a delightful coming of age movie in which Juno seems wise and mature beyond her years. She is snarky and wise and entirely endearing and reminds me of one of my own daughters, a couple of them actually.

The creative tension in the film comes from how she will manage her pregnancy and how people will react to it. This would be a good film for teenagers to see and I am very interested in what they think of it.

I highly recommend it.

Link: Juno Photos.


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