Witness Against Torture
Youth are sentenced to life without parole in California

Quote of the day

"Keep your attention here-and-now. Don't past-trip. Putting your attention in the past means that here-and-now is continuing on without you. The more time you spend in the past, the farther and farther out of register you are.

Don't put your attention into the future, other than a reasonable amount of plans that you intend to carry out. Putting your attention out into the future is like when a squirrel runs out on a tree limb - when he gets way out into the small limbs, it gets very shaky. When you get out into the thin possibilities, it gets very unlikely and it tends to get you paranoid.

So tripping in the past gets you schizophrenic, and tripping in the future tends to get you paranoid. Hang in the here-and-now. It is healing. When you're in the here-and-now, accept it as reality. Don't think about it or run it through your mind-filter when it's coming in. Accept it."

Stephen Gaskin, An Outlaw In My Heart, p. 114


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