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Feeling fat may be worse for you than being fat

Obese_man_2 Reuters reported on January 30, 2008 on a study which will appear in the March, 2008 issue of the American Journal of Public Health which found that feeling fat may be worse for a person's health than being fat.

Obesity's health effects could have more to do with feeling bad about being fat than actually being overweight, a new study shows.

Researchers who looked at a nationally representative group of more than 170,000 US adults found the difference actual weight and perceived ideal weight was a better indicator of mental and physical health than body mass index (BMI).

"The obesity 'epidemic' might have a lot more to do with our collective preoccupation with obesity than obesity itself," the study's lead author, Dr. Peter Muennig of Columbia University in New York City, told Reuters Health. "We still need to focus on healthy diet and exercise as public health officials, but we need to take fatness out of the equation. Were we to stop looking at body fat as a problem, the problem may well disappear."

I am 100 lbs. overweight and have been for 35 years. My weight has stayed stable between 275 - 290 for most of that time. I am 6'1". I know I should loose weight and have lost as much as 50 lbs. always to get back to the 275 - 290 Lbs. range. So I find this study very interesting. How bad do I feel about being obese? How bad does Santa Claus feel?

Link: MedlinePlus: Feeling fat may be worse for you than being fat.



Is this is a true what BBC say:Being short 'raises heart risk'
Look this:

Gastric Bypass Man

It’s difficult to get knowledgeable people today on this subject, but you sound like you know what you are talking about. Thanks for this informative post.

jane weight diet

Hey I have to agree, the better you feel about yourself, the more likely you are to be healthy. There is no use in worrying about your weight it will only make you feel worse, then put you in a downward spiral of eating for comfort, feel confident and enjoy life no matter what your size.

Gregory Schieffer

Obesity is a problem we need to deal with for sure. But I agree that psychology plays such a large role in how we lose weight that your article presents an interesting point of view. It's food for thought and yes the pun is intended. Thank you.

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