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No Country for Old Men, the film

No_country_for_old_men A lot of people seem to like No County for Old Men, a movie directed by the Coen brothers, based on a novel by Cormac McCarthy, released in November, 2007, and it has been winning a lot of awards but, while entertaining if you like violent movies, I am not sure of its social worth.

It is the story about a Viet Nam vet Llewelyn Moss who, while hunting, stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad where several men and dogs are killed and he makes off with 2 million dollars to be hunted down by a psychopathic killer Anton Chigurh.

The wise old sheriff Ed Tom Bell played by Tommy Lee Jones has had enough of the carnage and killing over drugs and decides after seeing the slaughter that he is too old to be in this law enforcement game any more and decides to retire.

This could have been a great movie if it had focused more on the wisdom of elders as they reflect on the meaning of life derrived from their life time of experience, but rather this movie focused more on the titillating violence and the socially redemptive message is lost.

It is a shame that this movie didn't have a more morally and socially redemptive message.

If you like movies and are titillated by psychopathic killers stalking their prey, you probably would enjoy this movie, otherwise, it is likely to be disappointing.

Link: No Country for Old Men (2007).



just watched no country for old men, it's unassumingly unconventional yet (thankfully) never over-the-top. the Coen bros. deserve their Oscars; well done indeed.

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