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The Ethically Challenged

Unethical I have been thinking a lot the last 6 months about the importance of ethics in my life and in our sense of community.

I was at a workshop last October lead by Michael White, the Australian Social Work Psychotherapist, who pioneered what is called Narrative Therapy. Michael was challenged by a grad student in the audience who asked Michael if Narrative Therapy was "an evidence based therapy", and what research has been done on its outcomes? Michael replied that he was not a researcher and would leave that to others. He said that his bigger concern was not whether Narrative Therapy was evidence based but rather was it ethically based? This resonated with me because so much of what I see seems to be based on money, and data, rather than whether it is ethical.

On 11/30/07, This American Life broadcast show 344 entitled "Competition". It includes two segments both well worth listening to. The first segment describes a company in Tulsa, Oklahoma that engaged in human trafficing in order to compete in the global economy. The owner of the company convinced himself that enslaving people and impoverishing them and cheating them was for their own good.

The second segment deals with a ratings war among media companies in Boise, Idaho wherein one TV station unethically ruined a man and his family's life after he had been categorized as a sex offender 13 year prior to the news story being run just to sensationalize its programming to improve ratings.

I came from an ministerial ordination this afternoon where it was stated as part of the ceremony that there is still sin in the world. Indeed, there is and we need to call one another to repentence.

I highly recommend this 50 minute show. It will cost you $0.95 to download it, and it is worth it.

Link: This American Life.


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