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Sarah Murray, author of Movable Feasts, gives talk at Google on March 6, 2008

Sarah Murray the author of the book, Moveable Feasts, gave a talk at Google in New York City on March 6, 2008. She decribes her research and her book. The video lasts about 55 minutes and is worth listening to if you are interested in food, where it comes from, and how it winds up in our communities.
Here is a description from the YouTube video.
Sarah Murray, a Financial Times contributor, takes a look at the literal journey of food through multilayered essays of the history of food transportation.
From the banana export business of Central America (which was rife with America's economic gain and political manhandling) to the creation of the barrel (which revolutionized transcontinental trading and contributed a new dimension to the art of winemaking), the dozen chapters each start with a straightforward item-the shipping container, a tin can, a tub of yogurt, etc.-and delve into topics of greater significance like globalization, empire building, localized farming and food aid programs. For example, her essay on the amphora, a container used to carry olive oil throughout the ancient Roman Empire, not only depicts the social and economic importance of olive oil in Roman times but also leads into the contemporary debate of regional designation of origins for foods like Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese or Newcastle brown ale. Erudite and thoroughly researched, this is a fascinating read for both foodies and those who love how the minutiae of life often provide a fresh lens with which to view the world.

There will be terrible grief until we repent and seek forgiveness.

The United States can use its power for good or for evil. With leaders like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez, and Rice, and a stupid electorate, propagandized by the corporate media, is it any wonder that there is such grief in the world?

Our government fights wars of imperial conquest with a mercenary army both in uniform and under the guise of civilian contractors which suck people into behaviors which cause tremendous mental heatlh problems and suicides at epidemic rates. Why do the conquerors kill themselves? Because of the terrible evil that they see and participate in.

As Peter Gabriel sings, "I Grieve". It is all terribly tragic and sorrowful. And we have done it to ourselves and to our world. It is time to repent, and seek forgiveness. Until we do this, the evil will continue under the guise of doing good by bringing freedom and democracy by force when we have alienated the hearts and minds of the people we profess to serve. Of course, like all evil, it is a lie.

Testimonies of the winter soldiers in the war in Iraq - Camilo Mejia, Mike Totten, Joyce and Kevin Lucey (mother and father of Jeff Lucey)

From March 13 through March 16, 2008 hundreds of U.S. veterans of the two wars were in Silver Springs, Maryland outside of Washington, D.C. to testify in the "Winter Soldiers" hearings about what they really did while they were serving their country in Iraq. The hearings were ignored by the Corporate media which is huge disservice to our troops and to us as Americans. It is crucial if our democracy is to continue, and Americans are to be truly free, for Americans to hear what our soldiers are doing in our name and how they feel about it. I will be putting a series of these testimonies on this blog. They are what I call soldiers of conscience.

As we listen, it is more understandable why our soldiers suffer mental health problems and have suffered more suicides than soldiers in previous wars. The Bush administration and people who have supported this immoral and illegal war need to repent their evil and sins against our brothers and sisters around the world and in our own country.

This first clip of Camilo Mejia lasts about 11 minutes.

Part two clip lasts about 11 minutes. Mike Totten testifies.

Part three clip lasts about 11 minutes and features Joyce and Kevin Lucey, mother and father of Jeff Lucey who killed himself aftercoming home from Iraq.

Americans are propagandized by corporate media.

Americans are propagandized by the corporate media. Amy Goodman interviews Greg Mitchell on Democracy Now on March 24, 2008 about his new book, "So Wrong for So Long". Every American needs to be aware of how their news is manipulated to meet the needs of the government. This clip of Greg Mitchell lasts about 11 minutes which is well worth watching.

To read, listen, watch more, go to the Democracy Now web site by clicking here.

Quote of the day

"Those in power choose the stories you are told and it is easier to believe and acquiesce that to question and be punished. It is the truth that will set you free and give you dignity and self-respect. However,  the truth sometimes comes only at a personal price which lazy, fearful, and self serving people are not willing to pay."

Harry Holleywood