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Quote of the day

"The medical establishment has taken the mechanical part about as far as it can be sanely taken and maybe a little past that. The midwives have better numbers than the doctors from recognizing the spiritual dimension of childbirth. The hospital closest to us in Tennesee has a 44 percent cesarean-section rate. A cesarean section means taking the baby out surgically though the belly, from a belief that the mother can't do it the normal way. Our midwives' cesarean-section rate is 1.7 percent."

Stephen Gaskin, An Outlaw In My Heart, pp. 117-118



At the medical practice that my daughter-in-law utilized for her pregnancy in West Palm Beach, a C-section is a standard option offered each patient.

Maureen Daniels

Dad, I wonder if you have seen "The Business of Being Born." Rodney and I saw it last week and it spoke directly to my heart and reminded me of many of the things that you and I talked about while I was pregnant. I think you would enjoy it.

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