Loosing our way in life is normal. Finding our way back requires awareness, wisdom and assistance.
George W. Bush seems seriously out of touch with reality

Corporations tell young girls they aren't OK for profit

This is an interesting video about pre-teens and body image. It lasts three minutes. It is interesting how young women get so many warped ideas from our culture about their bodies. I believe it comes from advertising and our corporate culture. They sell products to make you look beautiful, attractive, desirable. In order to create a need for their products, the corporations convince young people that they aren't good enough, don't look good enough, just the way they are. The seeds of dysfunction are sown for profit. Take a look and tell me what you think?


Obat Diabetes

I tell my daughter to take care her physical condition, to have more friends and have a good communication skills.

Gastric Bypass Man

I agree, every individual should learn to accept and love their body. As long as your healthy, then don't mind what other people think of your outside appearance.

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