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935 lies by Bush Administration lead U.S. to war

The evil hubris of Condoleeza Rice jeopardizes the mental health of the United States and the well being of people around the world

It really makes you wonder about people who refuse to admit they are wrong, seek forgiveness, and repent. Congressman Wexler confronts Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice on her lies and the lies of the Bush administration which lead our nation into pre-emptive and immoral war leading to millions of deaths, and trillions of dollars of debt.

It is telling that she gets so defensive and indignant. This kind of defiance indicates a lack of humility which is troubling in people of such great power who in their arrogance perpetrate so much evil onto the world. It is this kind of toxic hubris which jeopardizes the mental health and well being of a nation. She continues to insist that the intelligence community was in agreement about the threat of Saddam Hussein and yet Hans Blix and the U.N. inspectors could find no evidence while physically present and investigating in Iraq what the "intelligence community" was alleging fueled with bogus and false information disseminated by manipulative charlatans like Akmed Chalabi. The video lasts about five minutes and is well worth watching if you are interesting in the arrogance of power.


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