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It is in the darkness that we see the light

Dark_path We live in a society which falsely teaches that people should be happy all the time. There are all kinds of things you can do and products you can buy to "cheer up". Our society loves cheery people.

I was accused one time, in a psychotherapy session by a client, of having "rose colored glasses on." I was rightly criticized by the client for trying to falsely "cheer her up."

I have been intrigued by the idea that sometimes our depression is trying to teach us something. If we ignore its lessons, we do so at the peril of loosing touch with our soul. Sometimes the path is dark and difficult and it will not be artificially illuminated with a light and bouncy countenance. Sugar coating does not work. Not saying shit when we have a mouth full of it is not in our spirit's best interest.

In one psychotherapy session, I said to a client in a kind and understanding way, after he had told me a long list of grievances about what was going on in his life, "It sucks to be you!" He looked at me with a look of recognition and started to laugh. Finally, here was someone who understood how lost and desolate he feels.

Sometimes, rather than being cheered up, we need to explore the dark path. We need to get to the bottom of things so the darkness can be surfaced, the unconscious demons can be made conscious. It is in going into the darkness of our fears, our suffering, our loneliness, that we begin to see the light.

You've Got A Friend - James Taylor and Carole King


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