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Loosing our way in life is normal. Finding our way back requires awareness, wisdom and assistance.

One_way I am reading a little book entitled, Daily Afflictions, and one of the small meditations is called, "The Interstate of Life". Here are the first four sentences:

On the interstate of life you rarely reach your destination. In rest stop after rest stop, you look for signs of God, or happiness, or just reason enough to get back on the road. But is it not right and fitting that you lose your way? Isn't such failure itself evidence of the sublime?

While we rarely talk about it in polite company, people often loose their way. We loose our way and for some time don't even realize we are lost. When we finally realize it, there is a sinking feeling that something is terribly wrong. Are we smart enough to ask for help or do we insist that we can find our way out of the morass ourselves or even repeatedly say, like a child whistling in the dark, "I am not lost. I am not lost. I am not lost."

Loosing our way is not the problem. That is part of life. It is finding our way back that presents the challenge. Finding our way back requires awareness, wisdom, and assistance.


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