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Things you won't see on the Corporate Media going on in Iraq in our name

Truth be told, military recruiters want our young people to join the military to kill. Is this what we want for them?

Military recruiters target people of color and people from low social economic groups promising them college money, job training, excitement, adventure, and honor by serving their country. Little do the propects know that they will be trained to kill and support those who kill and may well be deployed as a mercenary force to advance the imperial, immoral, and illegal projects of their over-reaching government. They, in fact, will be asked to do things and risk things that those very government officials would not want their own children doing.

Of course, if you watch the news and have half a brain you realize that there is a high risk of being killed, wounded, or psychologically maimed for life. You will be asked to do things which every other responsible adult in our society has told you it is wrong to do - to kill under orders from a superordinate to whom you have sworn allegiance.

Do these vulnerable kids know what they are getting into? Do the recruiters tell them the whole truth or do they glamorize and sugar coat things?

There is an interesting video, produced by the University of California, on counter - recruitment - that is making sure that young people, targeted by military recruiters, have all the information to make an informed decision about the future of their lives. It lasts 27 minutes and is well worth watching. Any young person considering joining the military should watch this video.


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