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Bill O'Reilly is so bombastic, he is fun to mock.

Dishwasher, the book

Dishwasher Pete Dishwasher: One Man's Quest To Wash Dishes In All 50 States, by Pete Jordon is a fun and quick read. The delight in this book is the author's self - denigrating no holds barred pursuit of being the biggest and best slacker in the country. He operationalizes this chosen life style  of slacker by glorying in washing dishes. He considers himself the "dish master".

Upon survey, dishwashing was rated the 735th least desirable and lowliest of all occupations in the United States out of 740, and yet Pete loves it and sings its praises.  He gets free food from what he calls "the bus tub buffet". He sleeps in between rushes. He quits on a moments notice and finds jobs from signs posted in windows.

This would be a good beach book this summer. Pete is just folksy enough to be likable, but nobody you would want your daughter to marry.



I may need to read this. With six kids, I have long had fantasies about being paid to wash dishes. Five of the six worked at Perkin's during their younger years (how awful to be writing about 'younger years' and meaning your own kids!), so I am betting that Perkin's might provide my third life career for me, a truly experienced dishwasher.

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