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Keith Olberman calls a spade a spade about the Bush Presidency

I am 62 years old having been born in 1945 and I have seen some corrupt and idiotic Presidents come and go like Richard Nixon who left office rather than face impeachment, but nobody in our history comes close to the corruption, incompetence, and damage done to our nation, our constitutional democracy, and the United States reputation at home and abroad like George W. Bush. He and his administration are guilty of war crimes and violations of international law. Their policies have corrupted our constitutional democracy and undermined our moral standing in the world. The planetary crisis has worsened because of failure to act because of corporate greed. I am reminded of Kurt Vonnegut's comment that you know you are in trouble when the same guy you wouldn't have voted for, for class President becomes President of the United States.

I didn't vote for Bush and I hope that the people who did have learned something from their errors in judgment. They share some of the responsibility for the shape our nation is in. I hope they will take their suffrage more seriously in the upcoming elections.

On May 14, 2008 Keith Olberman gives a political commentary about George W. Bush's Presidency. Keith calls a spade a spade. The part one of the commentary lasts 10:58.

Second part of the video much of what is repeated from video one lasts 5 minutes, but it is worth listening because Keith ends by expressing what the majority of Americans feel, Mr. Bush - Shut the hell up!


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