Memorial Day- A time for honor and glory or truth and reconciliation?
Quote of the day

The think tank counted up the lies and said there were 935 and rising.

Harry Shearer is a clever man. Watch his music video of 935 lies. It's entertaining, funny, informative and will make you laugh and cry.

Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, Pearle, Wolfowitz pulled such a con on the American people, and a dysfunctional congress went right along with the bullshit being beholden to corporate America which put them into office and stood to profit in the trillions at our expense. How long will it take Americans to get pissed? How long will it take before they are smart enough, and humble enough, to admit they've been had?

Shame leads to two coping mechanisms: hiding and rage. When will Americans get tired of hiding and the rage start to emerge? As gas starts going to $5.00 per gallon, and more and more Americans get thrown out of their homes, and more and more middle class Americans get bankrupted by health care costs, the proverbial shit may start hitting the fan.

The video lasts 3:24 and is worth watching.


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