Bill O'Reilly got it wrong about Iraq. A nation still awaits promised apology.
Cheney got it right about Iraq in 1994 and wrong in 2003. Why?

Janeane Garofalo got it right about Iraq invasion. Where's the kudos?

As you know, if you read earlier entries in this blog today, I added a new category to the blog called "getting it wrong" which tags articles holding public personalities accountable for their words and pronouncements. As I have worked on this, I realize that it is only fair and balanced to also acknowledge public personalities who got it right. I think as a nation we would be wise to pay a little more attention to the people who get it right than to the people who got it wrong. Video lasts 30 seconds.



Yes, she stuck her neck out when it was very dangerous to do so. Major kudos to her. I wonder what she's thinking now..."told you so."

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