Americans are so engorged with spin, most don't know the facts - this puts our democracy in great peril.
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Jon Stewart asks McClellan how our politicians lie to us

Jon Stewart does a great job interviewing Scott McClellan about his book , What Happened. It is interesting to hear the administration's representatives say things like "this isn't the Scott we knew". Jon asks McClellan insightful questions about how the administration developed the strategy of obfuscation which they employed to lie to the American people.

If you are interested in the immoral behavior of our polticians as they go about their activities in pursuing their own agenda which is contradictory to the interests of the nation, and the world,  Jon's interview is well worth watching.


Not a rocket scientist but an inquiring mind

Finally, the truth or just the beginning ending the lies; lunacy for legacy as DHS/DOJ/EPA/DOL/etc. have denied a Vietnam Veteran and DHS detailed him to the WTC clean up well, death sentence as they knew the air was bad, toxins, and the EPA lied and Bush also lied with a smile. Brain tumor, lung cancer 16 months after detail died 16 months later in my arms; DHS has ignored, denied, promised lies, and still waiting since 2004? But DHS can compensate $4.2 million to illegal immigrants for their loved ones dying from WTC dust and not deported; but how can illegal have a number not a name so illegal, no ID, can't invest legally but no deportation, $4.2 million and all for their real ID; but federal employees are "out of scope" for WTC statistical data? As McClellan has a conscience as research has made me aware that his book must be true if not he would be in court; so, if Bush wanted the war, lied about WMD, then what about 9/11 terrorist attacks was the reason why we went to war? Huh? Bush needs to be tried for criminal wars as he said that is why Sadam Hussein was hung because he killed innocent people well what about the ignored WTC responders, like my husband, the kids killed in the "war" aka "oil" "money" "greed" but he vetoed healthcare for children if he didn't get his way to send "kids" to get killed? Who is the murderer, liar, conspirator, and communistic czar? Look and you shall find even more facts as a man not a mushroom?

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