Failure is the path to success
Condoleezza Rice got it so wrong with terrible consequences

Joe Scarborough got it wrong predicting Hillary would get the Democratic nomination

I think it is important to hold public personalities acountable when they get it wrong. They have a responsibility to inform the public accurately. It fact, I believe that they have an ethical and moral responsibility to do so. And so when they get it wrong they should repent, apologize, acknowledge their mistake, and repair the harm they may have done misleading people. Misleading peope drives them crazy. It leads to mystification in our society which can have negative and sometimes dire consequences such as wars and death. So today I am starting a new category on this blog entitled "Getting It Wrong" Mr. Scarborough's statement is the first in what will be a long list.

Joe Scarborough "Hillary Clinton will be the nominee. She will crush Barack Obama. Barack, just sit it out, it's going to be ugly, I promise you. You heard it here first." Joe Scarborough, MSNBC, Dec. 20, 2006


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