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Should psychological fitness be a standard for holding public office?

I wonder how Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, Don Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Richard Pearle, Paul Wolfawitz, Colin Powell, George Tenant sleep at night?

Either they knew better and lied to the American people, or they were fooled and made huge errors in judgment. In either case the American People, the Iraqi people and other people around the world deserved much better leadership than what they got and what they are getting.

Is this kind of error in judgment and/or deceptiveness a sign of mental illness? Are these people examples of personality disorders or Axis I diagnoses?

The fact that Bush and Cheney have substance abuse disorders is well documented even if disregarded by the American people for holding the jobs they were elected to. People who would be red-flagged for employment at my agency were elected to the two top positions in the American government which makes me question the mental health of the American public as well.

When people with mental illness reach high levels of public office and have concomitant power to make policy and engage in actions which affect millions of people, it would seem that psychological fitness might be a standard to use in the selection process. Police officers in major cities go through more psychological evaluation for their jobs than politicians who make policy to govern the police officers' actions.

Could a standard of psychological fitness be politicized and misused and abused? Yes, there is a huge potential there, and yet if we see psychological standards being increasingly used in other human service professions in criminal justice, ministry, counseling and mental health, education, would it be too much to ask that our political leaders also be subjected to such evaluations?

Had they been in place, I doubt that George W. Bush and Richard Cheney would have passed. Of course, I doubt if the loonies on the far right and far left could pass either.

It appears that John McCain has some significant mental health issues given the various reports about his functioning. Connecting the dots about his temper, his unusual marriages, his current wife's history of substance abuse problems, his flip flop on the issues, his synchophancy with George W. Bush, his malaprops, you have to wonder.



At least they're not ATTENTION ADDICTS like the one we have now that thinks he's the Savior of the U.S.!!!!

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