Addiction to attention which turns into promiscuous sex
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They are trying to drive us crazy. How our political, religious, and media leaders manipulate the American public.

State of confusion Today, I found a great new book in the Liftbridge Book Store in Brockport, NY entitled, State of Confusion: Political Manipulation And The Assault On The American Mind by Dr. Bryant Welch. Dr. Welch says things I have been thinking and attempting to articulate on this blog and does it much better than I could. For example, he writes on page one:

"America has been gaslighted. Gaslighting is an insidious set of psychological manipulations that undermine the mental stablity of its victims. The techniques have invaded our media, infiltrated our churches, and attacked our most basic free institutions. For millions of Americans, techniques have altered the way they think, feel, and act. It is nothing less than an assault on the American mind." p. 1

What Dr. Welch calls gaslighting what I have been calling mystification. I find it very validating to find that a clinical psychologist and attorney has noticed and identified the same dsyfunctional dynamics in our society that I have noticed and tried to articluate.

Dr. Welch's thesis is that our leaders: political, religious, and in the media are deliberately trying to drive us crazy to engender dependence, compliance, and control over us. We, as a people, have acquiesced in our perplexity for a sense of certainty which makes us feel more secure. We willingly give up our souls to the demogogue whether polticial, religious, or celebrity because we have come to doubt our own minds.

Newt Gingrich rails against Bill Clinton's affair with Monica Lewinsky while having an adulterous affair himself. Tom DeLay vouches for his integrity and ethics while being the most corrupt speaker ever. Rush Limbaugh rants about drug addiction while he is heavily addicted himself to opiates. Ted Haggard preaches against homosexuality while having relations with a homosexual prostitute himself. William Bennet, secretary of education under Ronald Reagan was running up huge gambling debts while marketing his book on teaching our children virtures. Bush et al. lie a country into war claiming various reasons which change as every reason turns out to be bogus.

Interestingly, the public doesn't seem to mind. They are used to being lied to, and they vote the liars right back into office and continue to cite the hypocrits as voices of authority. It is like an abused spouse who continues to go back for more abuse saying "I know he/she really loves me." The United States has become a huge dysfunctional society functioning on lies and deception to the extent that nobody knows how to even discern the truth any more. In this sense the society has become delusional and psychotic. The reality testing is so poor that as a nation we have lost our moral compass and lost our way.

To spot this dynamic is the first step in regaining power.


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