Copycat suicides
Dr. Raymond Barfield is interviewed in January, 2016 issue of The Sun Magazine

Link between reduced sleep and childhood obesity

From Science Daily on 05/20/14:

One of the most comprehensive studies of the potential link between reduced sleep and childhood obesity finds compelling evidence that children who consistently received less than the recommended hours of sleep during infancy and early childhood had increases in both obesity and in adiposity or overall body fat at age 7.

Editor's note: 

Fat person sleeping
I have found this research on the link between obesity and sleep deprivation interesting because most of my adult life I was sleep deprived due to my work schedule. I noticed over those years I gained almost 100 lbs going from 180 to 280 over a period of 30 years. Now that I am retired and sleeping much more, I have found it much easier to lose weight.


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