Martin Luther King, Jr. killed forty years ago today spoke truth to power about America's "spiritual death" from its war mongering

In, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech against war he rebukes his own government of the United States. Would that we Americans had learned his lessons. He, indeed, is a prophet, largely ignored, and killed forty years ago today on April 4, 1968. Often sentimentalized in politically correct ways while ignoring his deeper beliefs, values, and messages.

The video only lasts about 2 1/2 minutes. It sends chills up my spin to listen to him and watch this video.

We need a "No Junk Mail" list similar to the "Do Not Call" list

Junk_mail In the Fall, 2007 issue of YES magazine there is a brief article entitled "Signs of life: People we love". One of the people mentioned is Rev. Todd Eklof.

Rev. Todd saved all his junk mail for one year and then on Earth Day in 2007, he pulled a wagon full of more than 50 lbs. of junk mail four miles from his church to the Louisville, Kentucky post office.

Todd wants a "no junk mail" list similar to the "Do Not Call List".

I think it is a great idea. I get my mail out of my mailbox and sort it over the garbage can. Usually I throw about 4/5 of my mail away. Here is the brief article about Todd in YES magazine.

Rev. Todd Eklof Weighing in on waste On Earth Day 2006, Reverend Todd Eklof had something of an epiphany: it was time to make a statement about the excess of garbage in America. His idea: save all his junk mail for one year as a visual symbol of waste. “If I could have saved all my garbage for a year, I would have,” he says, “but I didn’t have anywhere to put it.” On Earth Day 2007, Rev. Elkof loaded a cart with more than 50 pounds of accumulated junk mail and pulled it four miles from his church to the local Louisville post office, where he staged a press conference drawing attention to the wastefulness of junk mail. The press conference included Kentucky state representative Jim Wayne, who proposed a statewide “no junk mail” bill. Modeled after the national “Do Not Call list,” it would prevent everyone except nonprofits and politicial candidates from sending junk mail to people who don’t want it. Rev. Eklof is optimistic about its chances of success. “Everybody hates junk mail.”

Link: People We Love: Kelydra Weckler, Reverend Todd Eklof, Lauren Jacobs, Corbin Harney.