McClellan is finally getting it right about how the Bush administration has gotten it wrong. Illuminating the gaslighting being perpetrated against the American people

Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan now thinks telling the truth is important even though Republicans suggest he is disloyal and should have taken the lies to his grave. Really. They really suggest this. Watch the associated press video which lasts 1:50 seconds.

In some ways this is good therapy. It is time, in the United States for the truth. The gaslighting which has been going on for 7 years is finally being exposed. Do Americans have the stomach for the truth or do they still want to be lied to? I sure hope they have the courage to face up to the truth. These hearings are a form of national psychotherapy which is good for the national soul.

Senator Jim Webb has it right and Senator John McCain has it wrong when it comes to "support the troops."

Jon Stewart interviews Virginia Senator Jim Webb about his proposed G.I. Bill which would support the troops after their service for a better life. McCain interestingly voted "no". Video lasts 6:33. As usual, I get better news from The Daily Show than from the major networks who barely covered this issue.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee got it right when she refused to vote for Bush to go to war

“Some people were calling me un-American and all that. I know that I'm unified with our country. I feel and I know that my actions are as American as anyone else's. I'm trying to preserve the people's right to have some kind of oversight and some say in the cycle of violence that could occur if we go into war without an end in sight.”

Congresswoman Barbara Lee about her lone dissenting vote refusing to give President Bush the power to wage war against Iraq

Video lasts 1:08

Janeane Garofalo got it right about Iraq invasion. Where's the kudos?

As you know, if you read earlier entries in this blog today, I added a new category to the blog called "getting it wrong" which tags articles holding public personalities accountable for their words and pronouncements. As I have worked on this, I realize that it is only fair and balanced to also acknowledge public personalities who got it right. I think as a nation we would be wise to pay a little more attention to the people who get it right than to the people who got it wrong. Video lasts 30 seconds.