Cougar phenomenon on the rise when older women get involved with younger men

I was reading Mark J. Penn's book, Microtrends, when I came across the chapter entitled "Cougars". I know what a wild large cat like a lion looks like which is called a cougar, but I didn't know that it is a new slang word for women who date younger men like the coo coocha coo, Mrs. Robinson, of days of old.

Penn points out that according to U.S. census data, in 1997 there were fewer than half a million couples where a woman and man, at least 10 years younger than the woman, were a couple. However in 2003, there was nearly 3 million couples where the man was at least 6 years younger than the woman. So what's going on?

It seems that later life divorces, those that occur when couples are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, are more often initiated by women than men. At that age sex is more recreational than procreational although there has been a 63% increase in 40-44 year old women giving birth in 2004 than in 1994, and a 129% increase in women 45-49 giving birth in that same period of time.

The interesting explanation is that women nowadays are much better educated and more financially successful. These older, successful women are trading success for sexual attractiveness as older, successful men have been doing for centuries before them.

Single Mothers by Choice

Single_moms_by_choice Mark Penn in his book, Microtrends, discusses some of the consequences of the fact that single sex ratios have increased in disparity in the United States with there being far more females than males. One of the consequences is that more women are choosing to be single moms.

Penn points out that when Murphy Brown, the TV character, decided to become a single mom on TV back in the early 90s, the then Vice President, Dan Quayle, decided to express his critical ideas about this phenomenon. Back then there were about 50,000 Single Moms by Choice in the United States. It is now estimated that there are 150,000.

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The real reason there are high rates of black single motherhood

Mark J. Penn points out in his book, Microtrends, that there are 109 million straight adult women in America for 98 million straight adult men for a straight sex ratio of 53-47. However, this ratio is even worse in the black community where it starts out at 56 - 44 due to the high rates of death of black teenage boys, but due to the high incarceration rates of black men it moves the ratio to even greater disparity at 57 - 43. It appears that the fact that so many black women are single mothers has as much to due with societal structural issues as it does with any moral failure to support the traditional family structure. The simple fact is that there are not enough males around who are available to black women to marry and to participate in family life.

As long as black men keep getting killed and incarcerated, the black family will tend to be headed by females. And black men probably turn to crime because of low employment and consequent poverty. Lacking good male paternal role models the vicious cycle gets perpetruated. Perhaps if there were more good jobs for black young adults, they would marry, settle down, and stay out of crime and prison, and be there for their wives and children.